Fujitsu UTY-LRHUM Receiver Unit For Compact Duct


Brand: Fujitsu

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Product Details
Product Overview

The Fujitsu UTY-LRHUM IR Receiver Kit is an IR receiver and a UTY-LNHUM Wireless Remote Controller for Fujitsu Concealed Duct Mini Split Indoor Units. It provides control, and improves functionality, of your indoor unit. This IR Receiver Kit is a great way to manage a zone and the wireless remote means that you will have more flexibility.

Product Features

Low Profile
The Fujitsu UTY-LRHUM won't disrupt the aesthetic flow of your room. The IR receiver portion of the UTY-LRHUM may be embedded in or mounted on a wall or ceiling. This keeps the profile minimal.

Minimum Heat Settings
The Fujitsu UTY-LRHUM allows you to select a minimum heat operation mode. This mode will activate your indoor unit when the zone temperature drops below 50 degrees. This protects your system from freezing while using a minimal amount of power.

Restrict Energy Use
With a UTY-LRHUM IR Receiver Kit, you can set your Fujitsu Mini Split Indoor Units to operate in economy mode. This mode exchanges a small amount of heating and cooling power for reduced energy consumption from your system.

Program Timers
The UTY-LRHUM IR Receiver Kit allows to you set program timers. These timers will turn your system on or off after a set amount of time has passed. Two timers may be set for a 24 hour period. These timers allow to you manage the temperature for your zone while away without wasting energy.

Product Includes
  • (1) IR Receiver Unit
  • (1) UTY-LNHUM Wireless Remote Controller
Product Compatible With
  • Fujitsu ARU*RLF Concealed Duct Mini Split Indoor Units