Mitsubishi PLAA18BA6 Ceiling Cassette Heat Pump 18000 BTU

Item#: PLAA18BA6

Brand: Hvac Technician

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Product Details
Product Details


This efficient and effective Mitsubishi Heat Pump System, featuring high reliability and rugged construction, provides an excellent choice where personal comfort and equipment cooling meet. Thanks to Mitsubishi Electric's 30 Years of Experience, proven INVERTER-driven compressors and electronic linear expansion valves, combined with advanced control and sensor technology, provide the right performance to meet critical loads in high reliability applications. This synergy of smart design and cutting-edge environmental technology delivered by the Mitsubishi PLAA18BA4 + PUZA18NHA4 Mr. Slim Ceiling Cassette Mini Split Heat Pump System results in true eco-comfort for any space.

High sensible heat factors averaging over 75% of system-rated capacity can handle heat generated by computers, power supplies, and other electrical and mechanical devices. Full-capacity cooling output down to zero degrees outdoor ambient (with optional wind baffle installed) provides excellent heat transfer in indoor equipment rooms and critical service centers transferring heat gains outside.

Quick and easy installation is a significant consideration in new construction and even more important in renovation applications. The Mitsubishi heat Pump System installation procedures ensure minimal interruption of operations and activities in critical service applications. Mitsubishi Electric indoor units are easy to install practically anywhere:

  • High on the wall to blend into a room without taking up window space.
  • In the ceiling or below the floor and totally out of sight.
  • Low on the wall at floor level to be unobtrusive within the space.

Learn why Mitsubishi Mini-Split Heat Pump Systems are Flexible and Quiet.

Mini splits offer flexibility because they can be suspended from a ceiling, mounted flush behind a drop ceiling, hung on a wall or floor-standing. Mitsubishi Heat Pump Systems operate at low sound levels with indoor units producing decibels barely at a whisper level. Compare Mitubishi System sound levels to other common sounds:

  • Police siren - 118 decibels
  • Circular saw - 107 decibels
  • Vacuum cleaner - 74 decibels
  • Whisper-tone voice - 35 decibels
  • Library reading room - 33 decibels
  • Mitsubishi Heat Pump Indoor Units - 19-34 decibels (at low speeds)

PLAA18BA4 + PUZA18NHA4 Power Specifications:
Power Supply: 1-phase, 60Hz, 208 / 230V *2
Indoor - Outdoor S1 - S2 Voltage: AC 208 / 230V
Indoor - Outdoor S2 - S3 Voltage: DC24V
PLAA18BA4 + PUZA18NHA4 Indoor Unit Specifications:
MCA (A): 1
Fan Motor (FLA): 0.51
Airflow Lo-Med-Hi Dry (CFM): 420-490-570-640
Airflow Lo-Med-Hi Wet (CFM): 390-460-530-600
Sound Pressure Lo-Med-Hi (dB): 28-29-31-32
External Finish: Munsell No. 6.4Y 8.9 / 0.4
PLAA18BA4 + PUZA18NHA4 Indoor Unit Dimensions:
Depth (Inches): 37-3/8
Height (Inches): 11-9/16
Weight (lbs): 62
Drain Lift Mechanism Height (Inches): 33-7/16
Field Drainpipe Size O.D. (Inches): 1-1/4

Mitsubishi Warranty:
Compressor: 7 Years
Parts: 5 Years